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FREE Vending Machine Placement!

Get state-of-the-art vending equipment at zero cost to your location. We serve businesses, locations & facilities in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

There is absolutely no obligation or cost with our service. Delivery, Installation & Vending Equipment is also provided at no cost to your location.

Our services are personalized to fit the needs of your employees and customers, giving them the products they want at a price they can afford. All of our vending provider's machines meet ADA requirements and may feature things like iVend guaranteed product delivery. Get vending machines that make purchasing easy; pay with credit card, phone, cash AND coin.


Seaga ENV5S Snack Machine (Based on Availability)

This professional grade 5 wide snack machine is part of Seaga's Envision series.  The unit comes standard with an easy-to read 4.3" LCD color display that is easy to program.  It also includes a Braille equipped keypad that is easier to use than anything else on the market.

coffee machine.png

Coffee Model 673 Fresh Brew Coffee (Based on Availability)

12 Selections 
Dual Cup
With Coin Mech & Bill Validator


5' Spiral Gumball Machine  (Based on Availability)

  • Set for 25 cent vend

  • High quality all metal drop through coin mechanism w/lifetime warrantee

  • Shatter-proof polycarbonate globe

  • Uniquely designed with a false bottom to make machine heavier and prevent tipping

  • Vends 1" (850 count) gumballs, jawbreakers or round toy filled capsules


Seaga-n2g-4000 (Based on Availability)

  • Offers both healthy and traditional snacks/products

  • 16 different entrees, 68 total entrees

  • 21 different snacks, 217 total snacks

  • 7 different selections of drinks in various sizes, 119 total drinks

  • Utilization of AirVend technology

  • Multiple payment methods available

  • Highest quality combo vending machine available

  • Comes with an optional credit card reader

healthy vending machine.png

Seaga HY2100-9 Healthy You Vending Machine (Based on Availability)

Pre-packaged meals, healthy and safe choices for their breakfast, lunch or dinner. Also, specialty items such as headphones in a gym or dental floss in a hotel. Face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, supplements, essential oils, powdered drink mixes, and over-the-counter treatments for colds and flu, indigestion and more.


seaga-envision-ENV4S-snack-vending-machine__40003 (Based on Availability)

The Seaga Envision ENV4S Snack Vending Machine holds a total of 468 Snacks. It features a Braille equipped keypad as well as a large, easy-to-read 2-line, 20 character VFD display which is easy to program. This machine includes anti-theft precaution, a rounded locking coin box, and a vend detection system. 

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